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Social Media in general has become an every day part of life for the majority of the local area as well as most of the United States and the world.

Our society today has become a socially connected community. Knowing that over 50% of the local community is every day active on social media makes it an idea location to promote and advertise your products and/or services.

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform, followed by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. With the huge percentage of people active on social media, it has become a very attractive place and median to market and advertise your business.

Facebook is the elephant in the room compared to rest of the social platforms, so therefore Victoria Web Design highly focuses efforts toward Facebook since their market share is huge compared to everyone else.

Social Media Marketing for Victoria Texas


How can Facebook or other social media platform help my business grow?

From a business and marketing perspective Facebook can be described as a "Customer Communication & Retention Tool" for your business.

What do we mean by Customer Communication & Retention Tool ?

One example is at the bottom of this page, the blue "Message Us" tab utilizes Facebook Messenger and allows potential customers real-time chat communications directly with you.

A second way is the "Like" button. The "Like" button, from a marketing perspective is what marketers call an "Advertising Hook". This mean once someone has "liked" your business, you have a hook in them. This hook allows you to stay in direct contact with your customer base (your followers), very similar to the way monthly Newsletters work to retain customers.

When you write a new post on Facebook, everyone that has liked your business will see your new post. This allows you to provide updates on your business to your audience (your followers).

Examples of a good social media post can be Daily weekly or monthly specials, sales, introduction of a new service or product your business may offer, pictures of your new product or service and etc.

The ultimate goal with each new post is to keep your audience informed and engaged, in the hope that they may either buy your product or retain your services.

Here at Victoria Web Design we take social media integration into your website even one step further in an attempt to tie Facebook as tightly as possible into the website.

We have a tool that allows us to pull your publicly accessible business posts. This allows your Facebook Feed (posts) to show up and be displayed on your website, essentially turning your Facebook post into a Blog post on your website.

Traditionally we will call this page "Latest News" but it can be titled other names like "Our Blog", "Latest Specials" or even "Daily Menu" depending on your particular business model. For an example of how this looks and works, please visit our "Latest News" here on our website.

What about "Boosted Posts" or other "Sponsored" ads in Facebook or other social media platform?

Here at Victoria Web Design we will consult with you and evaluate your business model and your goals. Together, we will then best determine if, and also what social media advertising method  and platforms make the most sense and is bested suited for your particular type of business. Once this decision is determined, Victoria Web Design will act as your consultant and help you along the way to achieve your social media advertising goals.

Wow! What does all this cost me?

Social Media Consulting and help along the way achieving your Social Media Advertising goals is ALL included, at no additional cost, with your Victoria Web Design flat priced yearly service agreement.

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